How Our Process Works

Here's how our process works.

  • Submit Your Application. Our application requires fewer fields than the competition's, and there are no obligations. We place you with a lender in our network according to your location, credit profile, and income. All credit scores are eligible.
  • Discuss Your Needs with Your Massachusetts Car Loan Professional. Your lender will contact you directly, in order to finalize your loan. They should be able to supply you with an APR quote at this stage, as well as the options as far as vehicles and financing terms. You might need to provide some additional information to finalize your approval.
  • Select a Vehicle from a Dealership Near You. Once approved, you can select your vehicle from a dealer locally. Your loan pre-approval will help streamline the process of purchasing your vehicle, and possibly boost your negotiating power with your dealer.

Why Arrange Your Financing In Advance?

Ever more Massachusetts consumers are choosing to line up their financing ahead of time. It lends you considerably more negotiating power with the dealer salesperson, because you're already approved. It also reduces the time you'll spend on paperwork.

Ultimately, it adds up to a much better purchasing experience.

Massachusetts Interest Rates

Many people are only focused on the purchase price of their vehicle, when they should be focused on their rate of interest. As you may know, your credit score is vital when it comes to the rate you'll be offered. Do you know your score? You should.

It also means that you can:

  • Make sure no errors are negatively affecting your score.
  • Get the lowest rate you can.
  • Have unlimited access to your credit scores.

Keeping Your Privacy Secure

Keeping your information safe is very important to us. We encrypt sensitive data sent over the web, and our firewall and encryption programs defend your data against unauthorized access. In most cases, sensitive information is removed from our database after seven days, and we keep email correspondence to a minimum.

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We're your trusted source for auto loans. We offer an easy online application process with no obligations.
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