Auto Loans in Attleboro (MA)

You need to get approved for financing, and we’re here to help. Applying through us is fast, safe, and effective. Applicants who meet the minimum criteria have a 90% chance of approval. When you submit your application, our finance companies compete to fund your loan.

Credit ratings of 620 or lower are typically deemed subprime or poor credit, but our service is an excellent choice for people with below-average credit.

As a matter of fact, we have lenders and dealers in our network who specialize in bad credit auto loans. If your credit is weak, your interest rate might be higher, meaning it’s crucial for you to opt for an economical vehicle with affordable monthly payments. Let us find a dealer in Attleboro who can accept your credit – today!

The chart below shows how much you can borrow, derived from a monthly income of $4,234, the average in Attleboro. These amounts are simply estimates. You may be eligible for a different amount. Talk to an auto finance agent for more information.

Credit Income Factor Loan
Good Credit 10 $42,340
Decent Credit 9 $38,106
Temporary Bad Credit 8 $33,872
Poor Credit 7 $29,638
Horrible Credit 6 $29,638

To see how much you can borrow, multiply your pre-tax monthly income by the most suitable income factor.

Zero Down Payment?

Down payments can be made in cash or trade equity, and typically are priced between 5-20% of the vehicle’s sticker price. They tend to be required of consumers who have a subpar history of debt repayment. When dealing with subprime credit, lenders are focused on the Loan-to-Value Ratio (LTV). Divide the amount you borrow by the wholesale value of the car or truck. This is the LTV.

Amount Financed Vehicle Value Loan-to-Value
$10,000 $15,000 67%
$12,000 $15,000 80%
$15,000 $20,000 75%
$20,000 $25,000 80%
$20,000 $30,000 67%

Most subprime lenders prefer LTV ratios of less than 100%. Because the lender doesn’t have as much invested in the vehicle, they are in a stronger position if borrower defaults – a real risk when financing people with bad credit. What’s promising is that, as the economy improves, more lenders and dealers will be offering car loans in Attleboro with no money down.

Submit your application. We will work hard to match you with a dealer or lender willing to fund your loan, no down payment needed.

No Credit Check Car Dealerships in Attleboro

In Attleboro, buy here pay here auto sales have become a necessary evil for many consumers, largely thanks to the tough economy. Dealers like these specialize in helping people who have been rejected by traditional creditors. They specialize in helping people with issues like bankruptcy or repossession on their records.

We recommend that you avoid such dealers, instead securing a bad credit car loan we help you arrange. Apply online – we have dealers waiting for your application.

Credit and Income: Attleboro

There’s more to auto financing than just your credit score. Loan companies review such things as:

  • Ability
  • Stability
  • History of Payments

Here are some average stats for residents of Attleboro.

  • Average Earnings: $50,807 Per Year
  • Average Monthly Payment: $466 (11% of Income)
  • Ideal Car Payment: $339 to $423 (8%-10% of Income)

Next we have broken down Attleboro’s population by FICO rating. These are just estimations, but they should give you a sense of where you stand.

FICO Score % of Population Residents
300-499 2% 841
500-549 5% 2,103
550-599 8% 3,365
600-649 12% 5,048
650-699 15% 6,310
700-749 18% 7,572
750-799 27% 11,358
800-850 13% 5,469